We traveled to the rainforest this past weekend. We didn’t know when leaving that morning for class that a tropical depression was making landfall as we were planning to start our 5 hour drive. It rained the whole trip with dense cloud/fog in the higher altitudes causing me to drive a little slower. We saw several trees on the road and passed through three, small mudslides. We have a chainsaw but I’m glad I didn’t have to get out of the truck to use it. We were definitely in a rainforest, with rain everyday coming down on our heads.

The following day the other members of our team were unable to join us in the forest because the road was covered in five feet of water. The waters receeded the day after that and they made it through. We stayed at a “hotel” not far from the village we will move to in July. More on the move later… But hear me when I say that if you come here for ministry we have a place for you to stay. The area is beautiful, with endless opportunities for hikes, swimming in the river (flukes anyone?), rock climbing, etc… Hiking will be central to my work here as there are no good roads to reach remote villages.

We also looked at the house we will move into and discussed with our Logistics Coordinator the much-needed renovations to the house. With lots of rain comes 100% humidity and mold. We are not in short supply of Penicillin here…

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  1. Love the photos. I look forward to the day when we can bring a team from Journey to work with you there!

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