This is the road we take out of the city each morning to school. Our teacher had to leave today so we met with her son for two hours this morning. After class we decided to stop by our favorite restaurant. We have been forming a relationship with Naina, the owner of the restaurant. He shared with us his struggle to own and operate a Malagasy restaurant because it leaves little time for his family. This conversation was great because he did most of the talking. We did well to listen and show that we are concerned about things that matter to him most. He mentioned a Malagassy proverb today: “Na Volohany, Na Farany” – The first, the last. No, I’m not talking about Josh Via’s recent album release, but what Naina explained was the place where he is in life now. He said just two years ago his restaurant was “last” and without prestige, but now he is “first”. He said that he does not like to be in the middle. I think this is similar to “all or nothing” or “go hard or go home.” I would certainly agree he has a great restaurant which shows he is working hard to be the best.

I should also add that his wife makes the BEST tiramisu. That alone would put his restaurant on the map.

Here is some of the artwork inside his restaurant.

We have not shared the gospel with him, but asked today for a time when our families can hang out. Pray that this opportunity will be soon and that he and his family would meet the First and the Last.

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  1. Wow, great blog and great opportunity!! I love to hear about the people that you guys are being intentional to create relationships with. That is just awesome.

    Its also pretty cool that you already have your favorite local hangout…with tiramisu!!

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