Jeep Fun

This was taken at Glassy Mtn. in 2007 You can see the left shock bungeed to the axle. Took over an hour to get him out. Ummm… …yeah, reverse anyone? I don’t want to talk about this one Still don’t want to talk about it; got home in 2wheel over FOUR hours later

Prayer Card Time

Anna’s friend Katie Mayer from Katie Mayer Photography took this photo for us. We are using it for our prayer card that let everyone know about our future plans to serve overseas.

More Visitors

So maintenance turned into busyness or perhaps just laziness… Which ever it was here is a much over due photo from Meme and Papa Mel’s visit to see Judah. I would post more but this is the only that Anna took that turned out “decent.” I will gladly post more if they are supplied.

Digital Media Madness!

Saturday night we held an event called “Digital Media Madness.” It lived up to its name because we took students to the mall with digital cameras and told them to take pictures of signs as part of a scavenger hunt. Who was brain behind this scheme and why do they still have a job?