We received a very important phone call yesterday. The IMB called us to say that we have been medically cleared and that we can continue in our interview process. 8 1/2 months later and the first step is over…

Visiting Family in SC – Part III

Being that it’s Tuesday, we need to sum up our trip to SC. On Wednesday night we celebrated a lot of birthdays all-in-one style. Anna’s birthday is July 5th, her moms is July 9th, and since all the family was together we needed to celebrate her dad’s 60th birthday too! Judah enjoyed the party but […]

4 Years!

Today is our wedding anniversary! Several people told us when we moved into seminary housing that we would either have a kid or buy a new car before we left. I think we are an exception to the rule. We had Judah and have bought 4 Jeeps… (a story for another post) Plans for the […]

Into the Congo – An Introduction

[the html code was corrected – the links should work now] What I’m finding is that many people within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) either have little knowledge of how their own mission board, the International Mission Board (IMB), operates or have more misconceptions than fact, yet still give to the December Lottie Moon offering. […]

Visiting Family in SC – Part II

So in recent days we have seen a lot of family. Despite trying to get over his sickness, Judah loves being with family. Papa Mel makes me laugh! On Tuesday night we dressed up and had a family photo session. Judah did awesome through an hour of pictures! Afterwards we went to the Clock for […]

Visiting Family in SC Part I

We left on Anna’s Birthday (July 5th) for SC. No, we did not have another vehicle in tow either… But we did manage to find room in the car for Judah so we brought him too. Great-Grandparents Great-Grandmother Agghhh.!.!.! Judah & Cassidy (cousin) & now I need some food…