We packed the truck in 2 hours! Many thanks to Alex, Smooth, Heelz, and Pal who helped load. Also MANY THANKS to Alison Rhino for watching Judah ALL DAY as we packed and cleaned. We are still cleaning the house and is taking longer to clean than load the truck… Ugghhhh… We leave early tomorrow […]

Haggling in America

I lived in Uganda for the first half of 2004 and one of the greatest lessons I came away from my time there was haggling. There is a great sense of pride and accomplishment when you go to the Oweeno Market with 10,000 Shillings (about $5 US) and come home with lots of booty that […]

Pray – Viral Meningitis

Today we were told that it is viral meningitis, not bacterial. This is the better one to have if you can imagine. She is being treated for symptoms and will possibly be released tomorrow (Wed.) if she is feeling better than today. Thank you for praying.


Pray for Tiffany, my sister, who was admitted to the hospital today with meningitis. We are awaiting test results to know if it is viral or bacterial. Pray for quick recovery so she can get back to being mom of her two little girls…

Char-Grill & Elders

I had lunch today at the Char-Grill with some of the elders from Journey Church: Rob Wetzl, Paul Crouthamel, and Jimmy Carrol. Nothing better than Monday special $1.19 burgers, fries, and drinks with the leaders from our church. There was discussion of a Journey sattelite campus in Africa and sattelite feeds of the sermon – […]

Back it Up…

On Thursday morning I was joyfully browsing through our MP3 collection of music on the external hard drive and on Thursday night I was not – because the hard drive CRASHED… …and BURNED… We had everything on there – music, photos, school work from both our college days, etc. So what did I do? That’s […]

reading – blue like jazz

We are packing up the house for the move to SC, and as I sorted through my library, I picked up this book again. It will be my second time reading through the book but I just couldn’t help myself – IT’S HILARIOUS. The guy is a riot as he writes about his encounter with […]

Thank You

Thank you to each one of you who prayed for Judah. The procedure went well. Judah’s recovery today is amazing! Now that we are home, he is laughing, smiling, and acting almost as if nothing ever occurred. We hope this continues through the week.

On the Move…

It’s official… We’re moving to SC! We have reserved our moving truck, began packing boxes, & the only thing that is missing is you. So come over to my place Saturday, August 30 to help us load the truck. We will start loading about 9:30am and will provide lunch for all who come to help. […]