Some Fun Photos…

We be jammin…(don’t mind the box of whiskey in the background) He loves this ball… Sometimes when nap time becomes “challenging” we rock in ourPauly’s Island Hammock (thanks Seth & Ashley) and he falls asleep instantly… And I love when Papa Mel makes duck noises…

Invisible Children – GO: The Schools for Schools Movie

VIDEO LINK I’ve followed Invisible Children’s work since the release of their original production “Invisible Children: Rough Cut.” Having lived in Uganda for a season of my life, sharing in the daily lives of university students, serving in orphanages, and traveling to areas where displaced people have settled, I agree with IC that there is […]


From left to right: Jerrod Via, Alex Harding, Tim, and Jeremiah HambrickNot pictured: Jonathan ViaTHANKS FOR THE HELP! The day of our move Allison Rhino kept Judah as we loaded the truck and cleaned the apartment. Allison we cannot thank you enough; you were an integral part of our success in moving! Judah had a […]

Bedtime Friends

We found this guy in the hall outside Judah’s room just before his bedtime. I remember the first time I slept here at the mountain and saw a scorpion in my room. I didn’t sleep well that night. Needless to say this one went for a ride on the sewer express… Don’t worry we checked […]


Yup! We ALL made it to SC – even Judah. We left that Sunday morning at 5:45am and made the journey. Michael, Tim’s brother, helped us unload at the mountain. We have been more focused on family rather than moving because Anna’s grandmother fell, broke her hip, and had surgery Thursday morning. A lot of […]