Ha! …and you actually thought I had something to say or more pictures to post. Well… nope. But thanks for stopping by and perhaps soon there shall be some more visually tantalizing aesthetics to feed that frenzy of yours…

About a week ago Anna, Judah and her parents went to an apple orchard close to where we live. Judah loved the pumpkins and apples, even trying to bite the apple. Apple anyone?

Baby Chloe Beth

While we were in Raleigh last week we also visitedAlex, Beth, and baby Chloe Beth. She was bornOctober 6 at 11:14pm, less than an hour beforeTim’s birthday. How cool would that have been? While we were there Paul Cro, the pastor atJourney’s new Northwest Campus, broughtus Chic-fil-A for lunch. Thanks Crothy! The Harding family is […]


We took a trip to see Smooth & Kelly Via last week and for our interview with the IMB. This was a much needed time with not only the Via clan but also other friends from Journey as well. Kelly took most of these pictures. I know you just want to see photos so… Judah: […]


We went to our Candidate Consultant Interview Friday morning. After working through our written materials and discussing possible job descriptions, we have been invited to the Candidate Conference in December. We will solidify a job description choice by the time of the Conference and will keep you posted.

More Sunsets

Mark, a really great friend of mine, lives in Montana andshared with me one of his sunsets. He lives just south ofGlacier National Park. Beautiful mountains! And I took this photo in 2004 when I lived in Mukono, Uganda. What do your sunsets or sunrises look like where you live?Email me a photo and I’ll […]

By Popular Demand

You asked for it… So here is the playlist back for your enjoyment (and for some, exposure). You can also make requests! What tunes would you like to hear? And I definitely know what I’ll be rocking out October 28th!

Glassy Sunset

The sky is different everyday here on the Mountain. Tonight was an amazing sunset with the crescent moon shining bright. It served as a reminder why the SC state flag bears that image. Even more that He created, and it was good…