Hot Summer Days…

Judah’s temperature was 103.8 yesterday and 101 today. His Papa Mel said it is viral so we can’t give him any meds, so we’ve been giving him cool baths and Tylenol to bring his temp down… I know when he doesn’t want to play and investigate everything in sight he doesn’t feel well.

STEP 3.4

I received these TWO emails today… Tim, I talked to your doctor after all. He has no concerns with you living in the location you plan to go to so I went ahead and told your consultant you are cleared to serve there….So, I think your new location will not present any dangers for you. […]

Travis Agnew – Keep Quiet

So this morning I went out to the garage to dig up some stuff I needed for my computer and ran across some old CDs. Among them was this one:However, mine is the original release under the title “Too Familiar Phrase” from when Travis and I went to college together. The CD has these crazy […]