Send Us Out – Journey Church

On our way to the International Learning Center in VA, we stopped through Raleigh, NC to spend some time with our friends at Journey Church. They held a held a brief commissioning ceremony for us and prayed over us as we prepare to work among the unreached of Madagascar. We have been so encouraged to […]

Everyone Likes a Story

Anna and I are flying from Dayton, OH to Atlanta. As the flight attendants are serving beverages and have not yet made it to our row, I noticed we begin to rapidly descend. The flight attendants are still serving, but still I’m curious. Anna isn’t thirsty and I have a water. Just then, the pilot […]

All the Kings Horses & All the Kings Men

We were appointed Sunday in Lebanon, OH. It was an amazing service! We also attended the March appointment service at Taylors First Baptist in Greenville, SC and it was PACKED. I can only guess that there were about 900-1000 at the March service with standing room only. Sunday’s service was small with only about 350 […]

Appointment Week

This week is Appointment Week for us. Tuesday we fly to VA for some meetings with IMB. Then, they fly us out to OH where they are putting us up in a really sweet lodge – this place is 5 star! A formal Appointment Ceremony is being hosted at Urbancrest Baptist Church, Lebanon, OH on […]