Testing a Friends Camera

I borrowed a friends camera this morning to take if for a test drive. Its a C@non XSi… I like the menu features over some of the older models. Check out these shots.

Getting Plugged In

We are back on power now. (have been since Monday am) If you’re curious, the A/C was the first thing I turned back on. We faired better than last weeks group who had 95+ degree weather all weekend. We had rain all day Saturday (as I’m sure you all did) and overcast skies for most […]

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Going Off the Grid

One of the goals of our training here at ILC is to prepare for entry into a radically new culture. Our assignment this weekend is to not use electricity. There were no explicit rules given about whether we could use our cell phone as an alarm clock or not use the last few hours of […]

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For those of you who are jumping into our blog for the first time as a result of our newsletter, welcome. I’m thinking that our blog can now serve to fill in the gaps and answer some of the questions the newsletter may have triggered in your mind as you were reading. Feel free to […]

In the News…

Everyone kept asking about the article in the Baptist Courier which we knew nothing about, so we decided to see what all the fuss was about… You see our really goofy pictures HERE…