In October, just five days before we left for Madagascar, we spoke at Antioch Baptist Church, Edgefield, SC about our mission to work with the Tanala of Madagascar. Phillip Howle, the pastor, and I attended college and Seminary together and have wanted to stay connected as we deploy to the field. This evening (11:00 EST) […]

Man Dennis…

Since my Google Chat session last night with a fellow M who serves in DR Congo I have been anticipating his next update. I just received it and wanted to share his thoughts with you: I know not all of you are Southern Baptists, but most of you are, so you probably know what I’m […]

We finished our language test Wednesday. We both did well passing each section of the exam. On Thursday we left the city to visit the village where our language teacher lives. It was a great opportunity to attempt to use what little Malagassy we can speak. While in this village, we also visited the oldest […]

Good Morning Ridgeview!

Sunday morning (Sunday night for us) we Skyped LIVE with Ridgeview Church, Greer, SC. They are receiving the Lottie Moon Christmas offering in a few weeks. This was an awesome opportunity for the church to connect with IMB missionaries on the field. One of the questions Tommy Hargrove, the pastor, asked was, “How does our […]

-Going Postal-

Today we went to the Post Office to mail something to Anna’s parents. Madagascar was a French colony so they have adopted the French way of doing things. Try to keep up as I explain how to mail something to the US. First we went to the BP (Post Office) where they determined our package’s […]

…and you’re on…

Internet is hit and miss at our house these days. To be brief, we are back from Zambia (our 40/40 training) and are settling into our home in Antsirabe (Aunt-seer-ah-bay), Mada… We started language school Tuesday of last week. We will study Malagasy four days a week, Mon-Thurs from 8-noon. We will pick up Fridays […]