Ny Zamba Sekoly

Last week we went went to a Lutheran school for the blind. This was an opportunity for us to use our language with the children. Though they could not see us, our limited language skills told them that we were not locals. It was great to see the school challenging these kids in education. Above, […]

We traveled to the rainforest this past weekend. We didn’t know when leaving that morning for class that a tropical depression was making landfall as we were planning to start our 5 hour drive. It rained the whole trip with dense cloud/fog in the higher altitudes causing me to drive a little slower. We saw […]

This is our classroom where we study Malagassy five days a week. Our exam from Friday morning is written on the board. I know that you cannot read the Malagasy, but a majority of the translation from Malagassy to English for the exam was a discussion on John 6:32-37. Jesus explained that He is the […]

After our language exam this morning I went for a walk… …and I met these kids… …and went to a wood shop …then I went to a shack where they serve Malagasy food… …and ate with these guys… …she served us the food…   …and on my way back to the school I made a […]

Fun in the Sun

It has been hot here lately! A few days it reached 90°+… Judah’s pool was definitely worth the space in our crate for days like these. However, it also rains almost everyday too because it is the rain season. Often, it will get really hot and then break into a severe thunderstorm. Cyclone season is […]

Outside Our Gate

I walked outside our gate the other day and had to wade through the cattle feeding in the alley to get to the main street. She and her brother were herding the cattle into the alley because the grass is green and very high. I tried to talk to them but I only have this […]

…on the drive home

Tim took this photo on our drive home from the airport. This is a typical village in the countryside. The two story houses seem out of place because that is not the normal style you would see on mainland Africa. We hope to have more pictures soon, Tim is working on it…