This is the road we take out of the city each morning to school. Our teacher had to leave today so we met with her son for two hours this morning. After class we decided to stop by our favorite restaurant. We have been forming a relationship with Naina, the owner of the restaurant. He […]

God’s Promise

Anna was cooking in the kitchen and looked out the window over the sink to find an amazing rainbow. Even more amazing was that it was a perfect arch ascending to the bottom of the clouds and descending back to earth. I could not fit everything into frame, so just use your imagination.


We needed curtains made for the office and front entrance so we went to a shop to buy fabric. While Anna waited for them to cut the fabrics, I found a guy with a sewing machine on the street. You can draw the dimensions of what you want, have the seamstress come to the shop […]

What About the Poor?

The Prosperity Gospel from The Global Conversation on Vimeo. Stole this off of someone’s blog, didn’t even know the guy. As I’m certain he ripped it from someone else I feel no shame. It’s good to rock the boat a little…

Seller of Wares

We buy our Coca-Cola products by the liter in glass bottles. Glass is cheaper than the 1.5L plastic bottles and can be returned for the deposit. We don’t drink them a lot, but we accumulate a lot of bottles over the weeks. Recently, this lady has frequented our neighborhood in search of bottles she can […]

Its a Slow Roll…

I’m posting this via email so when it will make it to you, I’m not sure.I’ve been quite reserved in posting about the small details of our lifehere in Madagascar, in part, because I find myself not reading the smalldetails of other’s lives elsewhere. It takes a lot of time to navigateto a page and […]