Torotosy – Northpoint Baptis Church

We left Friday morning and hiked to Torotosy. Men from the village hiked out to the main road early that morning to carry the extremely heavy and awkward equipment for the Jesus film. The trail is steep, muddy, slippery and very difficult to maneuver in some locations. There are several water crossings as deep as […]


We are just hours back from the villages. The trail is very strenuous and not for the faint of heart. The Holy Spirit was present in the village of Torotosy yesterday and this morning. The Jesus film was shown in Malagasy last night as God answered our prayers to hold back the rain. For a […]

To the Tanala

We are going to the rainforest tomorrow to work with a volunteer team from Northpoint Baptist out of NC among the Tanal. Its a five hour drive south and then east. I will keep you posted on our time in the villages.

VHF Satellite Weather Imaging

Jeremy and I talked last week about weather and the lack of relevant weather information available for the rainforest. Forecasting is available for the capital city and two others, but are not close enough to us to matter. This situation is similar to receiving a weather forecast from Raleigh, NC for your day in Greenville, […]


Not many know that I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator. My FCC registered callsign is KJ4NCD. This hobby is alive and well; think 1950’s morse code on steroids. You can talk with astronauts on the International Space Station, link a radio in the vehicle to a network of repeaters world-wide and talk to someone […]


Some have asked (I know, it sounds like Fox News) for more info on our team and work here in Mada. I’ve been moving towards streaming more information through the blog at a snail’s pace.  Our team consists of two families and two Journey girls. The Newton family now lives in the rainforest and has […]

Package Ideas

  Moose, I just got your email and to answer your question and help others with ideas, here are some suggestions… For Judah: The cheese packet from Mac’n’Cheese. (we can get noodles here) Fruit Gerber snacks Fruitchew snacks Sugar free Kool-aid packs Teddy Grahams For Anna: Flavored DECAF tea packets Envelopes of prepared mixes (sloppy […]

Who Needs a Pool…

Judah loves playing in water: puddles, pools, bathtime, and buckets. It takes a long time to fill up his pool so I gave him some toys to play with in the bucket of water. Instead, he threw his toys off the porch and got in the bucket. It was a win-win…