Small SBC Churches and the GCR

I just finished an article on the GCR website that held my interest long enough to read completely; and written by a guy that’s not in his 50’s too… Getting to my favorite quote… The churches you and I serve don’t want the money we sacrificially give to the Cooperative Program to go to big […]

Hold Your Package

Thank you to everyone who has sent us a package. In preparation for the move, please don’t send anymore until we move and get a new Post Box, most likely several weeks from now. If you have already sent one, don’t worry, we will get it, but a little later than normal. Packages have arrived […]


Tim has Strep Throat. He has already started antibiotics and is mobile, but is still having chills and slight fever. He will probably not go to language class tomorrow. Looking back on our time here, we haven’t missed any class due to sickness, only to silly things like “the incident” and our teacher being “ill”.

Household of Sickness

We have had internet for about a week, but did not have time to post until now. I was also told that talking about the weather isn’t interesting either… Thanks Heather. This week Judah was really sick with fever and chills. We tested for Malaria three separate times, all negative. We also tested for Typhoid, […]

The Tubes Are Clogged…

Our internet contract is over and we no longer have access at the house. I've had several instances of opening my browser to check news or learn how to do something and find myself staring at the "cannot connect screen". We are working on a mobile internet solution which will take a few days more. […]