The title is deceptive, we don’t have any new news to tell you, but I did find GreatNews, a portable RSS reader that I can travel with on my USB jumpdrive. Just enter the address of your favorite blogs and news feeds and it will cache those posts for you to read later. Check out […]

Lemur Park

…hey kid, let go of my tail… …great, another toddler that wants to take me home… …can’t see me, not here, can’t see me…


We retreated to the rainforest of Madagascar this past week with other IMB Ms. This was a real treat for some, more like the forest we live in for us, yet a 13 hour drive away. And I’m learning that Ms like their retreats with it’s coffee, cookies, and confessing of the soul… However, a […]

WEEK 5 – recap

Things I learned this week: My waterproof case for the iPhone….isn’t My waterproof boots are….but not in 15″ of water The Canon 5D Mark II is heavy, especially hiking in the rain I am expected to give beer to the village king, but bread will suffice The IMB media team interviewed all the members of […]


This week an IMB media team will do a video documentary about the team’s work among the Tanala people. The media team will have an opportunity to visit one of the villages we have worked in and possibly document the living conditions, needs and culture of the people. Today, the plumbers are still restoring water […]