Off the Cuff

We recently were visited by some Ms from Joburg. We decided to introduce them to our other friends who live not far from the house. The chameleons really enjoyed climbing as high as they could, particularly to the top of my head. Their feet had a small pin that would barely prick me as it […]

what is church?

What makes church, church? What are the bare minimums to be considered a church, according to Scripture? The believers of Morafeno have been wrestling with ideas about church, particularly tithing and the felt need for a separate building apart from they hotel they currently meet in. Today Tim taught through Paul’s first missionary journey, stressing […]

When Your Wife’s Not Looking

The best time to have mold removed from your house is obviously before you move in. The second best time to remove mold from your is when your wife is in another country. The workers started their demo work this week to tackle the mold problem. I thought that since the house will be messy […]

Gone to Bevahazo

The team, minus me, is hiking out this morning to Bevahazo. It is roughly 14km from the road and will take them all morning to reach the village. The J-girls wanted to host a Jesus Film showing so they have assembled the gear, hired porters, and set their feet toward the last village on this […]

We Have an Advocate with the Father…

I expect my leaders to advocate for me well. Likewise, I should seek to advocate for my team members as I would like to be advocated for. I gave my word this week; Then I took it back.  I had to change my decision which would have resulted in myself and my team reaping the […]

Hold Your Nik-Naks

Thank you to everyone who has wanted to give to us for baby girl. We appreciate your gifts, letters, sentiments. Many have asked to send things through family that is flying over to see us. Please know that there is no more room in their luggage and any items given to them will most likely […]

Two Worlds

Anna and Judah arrived safely in Johannesburg yesterday evening. Judah traveled well and crashed when he arrived at the guest house. Tim also returned home to the rainforest safely about 11pm last night. He was surprised how  few people, carts, cows, and transport trucks were on the road at night making it easier to travel. […]


I’ve been getting a lot of random comments on the blog with linkbacks to sites selling things. Spam is one of the lesser reasons I use comment moderation.  And it makes me think, someone is spending their time to find sites they can comment on to promote their business or that of their employer, sad […]


We thought it would rain today which motivated me to pull in a weather image from NOAA 15 this afternoon. Its amazing what you can do with a piece of China-grade coax, the papaya tree outback, a VHF receiver, and a computer.

What are you doing…

I’ve been asked twice this week about our work here. I have tried to find the balance between telling the story of our life here and complaining. I think I have erred on the side of not saying anything at all, which is not good for our friends and family stateside. So here is our […]