There’s No Place Like…

Anna and Juliana came home from the hospital today. Both are well, but tired and deserve some sweet rest! We are taking the day to rest and let everyone acclimate to our family  of four, particularly Judah! -tim

Juliana Anjara Norton

Juliana Anjara (Anzara) Norton Juliana arrived Friday, October 22, 2010 at 9:20pm! She weighed 3.19kg (7lbs.) and was 52cm long (20.5″)… Anna and Juliana are healthy and still resting at the hospital. They will come home tomorrow. We will begin the application process for a US birth certificate and passport so that we can return […]

Can’t Help But…

IMB is all about Church Planting Movements, or a CPM. According to IMB, a CPM is a rapid and multiplicative increase of indigenous churches planting churches within a given people group or population segment. As an M in training you hear about it, read about it, have it indoctrinated into you. When you look over […]

Not Yet…

Not yet has baby Norton arrived. Anna predicts in the next 24 hours. Tim isnt predicting. The doctor said the baby will arrive before noon on Monday without choice… So we continue to wait, to have much appreciated down-time, and to think over girl names.


While Tim was still in the rainforest the doctor told Anna that baby Norton could arrive any day. For those who prayed that she would wait until Tim could fly into Joburg, your prayers were answered. Baby Norton has decided to wait even longer than the doctor recently predicted, even through today, her due date. […]

Twenty Eight and One

Today is Tim’s 28th birthday but today symbolizes something more important than that. Today we celebrate our first year in Madagascar! In one year we have learned a new language, traveled in five new countries, and moved our “home” three times. We are thankful that we have endured the transitions to arrive in the forest […]