put a lid on it – Fohabe

I updated the Tanala Villages – Fohabe page with a story from the king. The volunteer team survived the seven hour hike to the village. Members of the team shared their testimony, hosted games for kids and adults, and shared the gospel in groups or with individuals with the help of our translators. Thank you […]

a tafo in Foibe

tafo – [tah-foo] – “roof” We are hiking to Foibe tomorrow to help put a roof on their new school. Our J-girls asked for help from BGR to purchase the roofing materials. The village built the building and will provide the teacher’s salary. BGR is providing the money for the roofing materials. IMB Ms and […]

Consistently Connected

we write ministry goals each year about what we would like to accomplish during our time on the field. one of my goals this year included a monthly update by email and weekly updates to this blog. thus far i have failed. in part i could blame the lack of internet access, in part i […]