September 2011 Update

Anna has just finished our monthly update. Enjoy… September has brought welcomed change, the first being in the form of visitors. The first week of September Anna’s dad and brother came to visit us in the rainforest. Their visit was refreshing enjoying the family-time. Judah loved playing chase in the backyard with his “Papa Mell” […]

Via, the life…

This post is for you… (you know who you are)   Outside of Zandina, our favorite restaurant, five hours from our house.     Returning from the airport run for Anna’s family we picked up Vololona [Voo-loo-loo-nah]. Our family has a saying about Madagascar, “There’s always room…” IMB personel are not allowed to have a […]

Thanks Summit

Thank you Summit Baptist Church for your gift. Now we ask you to do one more thing. Pray that God shows us how He wants that gift used here among the Tanala.

What is late?

If you and I agree to meet at three in the afternoon and I am late, what time is it? I recall my own understanding of late in the States and how foreign that understanding is to me now. We agreed to meet in the village at three in the afternoon. We typically start our […]

Eight Pounds

I had the oil changed in the truck today. The guy broke his crescent wrench in the process and lost a chunk of skin too. I asked to keep the used oil to use as water sealant for wood projects that take a beating during the rain season. Why recycle oil when you can water-seal  […]

Lost in Ankazotsara

A sampling of answers from our questions about the Holy Spirit in Ankazotsara… So God does not live in houses built by the hands of men (Acts 7:48). Where does the Holy Spirit live? He lives in me but when I do something bad he goes to live in you. He lives in everyone in […]

Gearing for the Grind

Anna drove to Antsirabe for us yesterday. She is improving her skills driving a manual transmission. A few times she would downshift from third to second unnecessarily and the truck would jolt as the engine and transmission tried to compensate for vast difference in RPM. Life here in Mada is sometimes like the relationship between […]

Two Kinds of Sickness

Ankazotsara has two prominent illnesses. Man has no self-made remedy for the first illness, sin. Man has gone to great lengths to cure the second which is the result of the Fall in Eden, physical sickness and death. Mell and Seth joined our team and hiked to Ankazotsara on mission to help us engage both […]