Ambalafasina Heard

  Tim joined eleven adults from Ankazotsara and hiked to Ambalafasina on Wednesday. The path between the two villages is less than a mile, but one that crosses water, forcing you to fill your boots with water and ascends a steep mountain that must be descended on the other side. The path was not a […]

A New One

Tim will hike to Ankazotsara today and have lunch with the group who attend the Bible study each week. After lunch Tim will accompany those from the group who have heard God asking them to go to Ambalafasina, a nearby village. News from Ambalafasina tells us that the dahalo [dah-hah-loo], or bandits, are in the […]

Just Curious….an Update

True or False? In the beginning was Jesus, and Jesus was with God… I posed this question a few days ago but received only one response. Thanks Mark for your bravery. One of my favorite theologians once said, “Be a sinner, and sin boldly; but believe more boldly still.” You did just that. I’ve been […]

Momentum in AKZ

For those new to the site. Welcome. Here is a recap of what God is doing among the Tanala. We singled out Ankazotsara, one of 100s of Tanala villages, to start teaching through the book of Acts in order to learn about the first church. We have gone to AKZ every Thursday for about fourteen […]

What is Church for AKZ?

The word “church” is discussed often during our Bible study in Ankazotsara. When we first started about 4 months ago the definition of church varied with each person attending. Almost everyone associated with either Catholicism or Lutheran traditions to define church. After four months of study in Acts the group is in agreement that the […]

Change in AKZ

Judah is well; Anjara and Anna are not. We seem to be passing around a stomach bug in our house. It started with Tim, next Judah, then Anjara and now Anna. Tim stayed Wednesday night in the village. He spent Wednesday afternoon and evening asking to record hymns or songs written by the people in […]

go, no go…

Judah is sick with fever and very lethargic. If his fever elevates more we will test for Malaria; however, no IMB in Madagascar have gotten malaria in the last three or four years. Pray for Judah to recover quickly and that we know clearly how to treat him. The plan was to go to Ankazotsara […]