A Baptism in Ankazotsara – Updated

Lao-lao was baptized on Thursday, November 24, 2011 in the river near Ankazotsara. The gospel was preached by the river before her baptism. She told her story about how Jesus changed her life and exclaimed her faith in the gospel. Her testimony is shaking the false foundations laid by others who teach that baptism as […]

Powering Down

The power was out for 8 hours yesterday. The power was out for 8 hours today and another 2 hours this evening. It will be out again tomorrow according to a letter sent out by the power company. The rain is late again this season. I’ve heard that a late rain season means a bad […]

2011, The End is Near

No, I am not making an end-times prediction. The end of 2011 is drawing near. Time is soon approaching for a chance to take a step back from the work accomplished and critique the effort in contrast to Scripture. I think of 1 Corinthians 3 when I want to examine our efforts here in the […]

Over One Sinner Who Repents

Tim heard two weeks ago that Fara, a woman in Ankazotsara heard and believed the gospel. He has only met Fara once and did not realize it was the woman who believed until after she left the group. Tim hikes to AKZ today to meet with some of those from the weekly group. He will […]

a place to implode…

We drove about 2.5 hours to Mananjary this past weekend for short get-away. We met a French hotel owner during our travels who told us his hotel is a place to “relax and implode.” At first I passed the phrase off as a failed attempt to translate his French thoughts into English but after thinking […]

Mananjary Market in October

                          This is a hat culture. Men and women wear hats and you do not have to remove your hat to greet people.                       This is mangahazo, a cassava root that they boil […]

A First Time for Everything

Anjara turned ONE October 22. We had the party the week before and I’m announcing it a week after her birthday. She is so joyful and gift to us. Her current interests include: speed-crawling everywhere, making all kinds of sounds, singing, and even the occasion bug snack off the floor.           […]