Update: Tsiky’s Eye

Tim saw Tisky on Sunday for worship in the fields of Ambohi-bory. The swelling has significantly decreased but he is still not feeling well. He slept most of Saturday and did not eat. He still has pain in his face and he lets you know by continual crying. Please keep praying for Tsiky’s eye infection.

Baptism in Ambohibory

We engaged a new area today and shared the gospel in Ambohibory, an area south of Ambalafasina that consists of several field homes spread over the mountainside and valley. Four adults and two youth professed faith in Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection to receive salvation. After confessing their belief in the gospel, we spoke about […]

Tsiky’s Eye

  Pray for Tsiky. The doctors do not agree on the cause of the swelling. One doctor said it is related to an infection in his teeth and mouth. Another doctor said it is an infection in the eye. He started treatment for his mouth on Sunday but showed no improvement. A different doctor changed […]

Entertaining A Guest

Cyclone Funso has decided to overstay his welcome in the Mozambique Channel, amassing speed and destructive power. The path prediction has changed over 50 degrees in the last twelve hours making it hard to know for certain where he may unleash his fury. We are on the east coast of Madagascar so there is no […]

Spread Thin…

With Ramano and Lo-lo frequently sharing their faith and some believing, more villages or field homes are being engaged by the gospel than one single M could hope to do in months of work. With their boldness comes a responsibility to disciple new believers. The task seems almost too easy in an urban setting, mandating […]

Not Just Tanala

Rajean, a Betsileo man, believed the gospel today at Ramano‚Äôs field home. We studied 1 Corinthians 15:1-5, Romans 10:9-10, and Ephesians 1:13. Ramano has been asked to teach him about baptism over the next few weeks. I asked Ramano to consider baptizing Rajean when he is ready to make a public showing of his faith […]


We engaged a new village this week, Salazana. The village is small with maybe five families living in about fifteen houses. A heavy rain storm passed through two weeks ago trapping Tim on the north side of the river, preventing him from getting home. At that time, Salazana was an unknown village to Tim. You […]

Mixed Signals

The translation for the Tanala Foundations Bible study is finished so I am typing the translation into Word for future use and distribution. I had to turn off the spelling and grammar check because everything was wrong and needed correction. My brain is sending mixed signals; When I type a Malagasy sentence my brain injects […]

Bear Grylls Eat Your Heart Out…

The weather looked suitable for a short day-hike to AKZ so Tim left out by one yesterday afternoon. What was intended to be a three hour round trip turned into more than Tim expected. He hiked to AKZ and then swam across the river to Ramano’s house to discover that he was working in the […]