GoodLand Must Wait

Today is the second day of constant rain, sometimes in waves of deluge. The truck slides in the mud just to get to the house. Tim will not being traveling north this week with a cyclone forming in the Mozambique Channel. In other parts of Madagascar driving off-road is truly off-road because the driver can […]

Update 3 – Tsiky’s Eye

  If you don’t know who Tsiky is read here, here, and here… Thanks for praying for Tsiky. We worshiped at his house in AKZ this morning. I don’t know what the infection is under his eye, but it has returned again with a sizable sore underneath. Keep praying that God would take this illness […]

Wednesday Backyard Bible Club – Week 2

  Life was too crazy last Wednesday to take pictures of the fifty kids that invaded our backyard to learn a Bible story. This week twenty five kids came to hear the story of creation and the fall of man. The kids are really into learning new songs and playing games. Tim captured on camera […]

Update 2 – Tsiky’s Eye

    If you’re just tuning in you can follow Tsiky’s story here and here. Tim stayed at Ramano and Lo-lo’s house, Tsiky’s parents, during Cyclone Giovanna last week. Tsiky is doing much better than in recent weeks. He smiles again and will even laugh sometimes. While the residual effects of the illness no longer […]

Full House

Tim worshipped in Ambohibory on Sunday. Vololona and Big Anjara, her 18 year old son, joined him for the hike out. There were 14 adults and roughly 20 children, we could not all fit in the house so some sat in the doorway and just outside the door. We studied Matt. 14:12-22 and learned that […]

Thunder Potty

When storms pass through and knock out power we have a “Thunder Party.” To keep Anjara and Judah from worrying about the intense lightening and thunder and power cycling off and on we turn off all the lights and bring out the lanterns. Because they are lost in the fun of lighting up the house […]


There is no “normal” week for us here but if there was, then this week was far from “the norm.” Anna held her first backyard Bible club and 50 kids came to hear a Bible story and play games teaching the importance of being a messenger for God. Tim slept in a tent through a […]

Discipleship 1 on 1…

Tim goes to AKZ today to spend some time with Ramano in the Word. Tim thinks Ramano is leadership material for the group of bbelievers in and around AKZ. This trip out will be spent reading Scripture and praying together over issues like qualifications for leaders, spiritual disciplines and evangelism training review. Pray for Tim’s […]

Where Did All the Good People Go?

Jack Johnson wrote a good song about that question. I’m asking the same thing this morning as I learned that one of our bank cards was used at Caesar’s Palace in NC and then at a dress boutique in Paris, France. So my detective skills deduct that we’re dealing with a female thief with a […]

So Faith Comes From…

This morning I’m reading in Luther’s Works, Volume 27 in order to understand Martin Luther’s thinking on, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” He wrote, Accordingly, it is a Word of power and grace when it infuses the Spirit at the same time that it strikes the ears. But […]

Down On the River

  We played in the river this morning in Ranomafana. We searched for treasure in the rocks below and found a few good stones for skipping. Flat or not, Judah would throw every stone he found. Anjara and Judah love playing in water and have no fear of the river. Anna kept a tight grip […]