Contact – Day 24

The distribution for the Baptist Global Relief Cyclone Relief Project is finished. God gave us favor before and during the distribution with the local government officials. In every encounter He gave us wisdom to make decisions for the good of those who truly needed help. Members of the Southwest Mada Team joined us a few […]

Contact – Day 17

The truck arrived today with 200, 50KG bags of rice and 20, 100Kg bags of tsaramaso (good-eye beans). We are storing the aid in the Commune Office until the distribution on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Tim is looking forward to Tuesday morning when Presidents and Kings of nearly twenty communities will come from […]

Contact – Day 16 Part II

Tim met with the Mayor of Ifanadiana and the District Adjunct this afternoon. The project is taking its final form and will provide aid to 2,000 families in the Ifanadiana Commune. The aid will also provide to villages that have not received any aid since the wake of Cyclone Irina. The distribution will take two […]

Contact – Day 16

Tim meets with the District Chief today to discuss final plans for the BGR Cyclone Relief Project. Please Pray: Romans 13:4 says that government rulers are God’s servants for our good. Though this seems difficult for many to understand because of all the corruption that exists in many governments, ask that God would make District […]

Contact – Day 15

If you’re just joining us read HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE to catch up on the aftermath of cyclone Irina. Fifteen days have passed since our power cut out (which was restored on Saturday). Twelve days have passed since more than 60 people have died and thousands have lost their homes due to landslides and […]

Contact – Day Twelve

If you’re just joining us read HERE, HERE, and HERE to catch up on the aftermath of cyclone Irina.   Some sections of the road are not being repaired with all the machinery dedicated to a larger break in the road. This is the largest of the washouts but is a small problem in comparison […]

Contact – Day Seven

After receiving an email from Anna’s friend in the States, we met this morning to ask how we could apply Matthew 25:31-46 to our lives in order to care for the hungry, naked, sick and dying left in the wake of Cyclone Irina. We surveyed all of Ifanadiana today and discovered there are seventeen families […]

Contact – Day Five

First and foremost we are well and our house is strong. We have some leaks but that is minor when compared to what surrounds us. God is awesome despite any inconvenience we may face. We do not want our situation to bear weight on our desire to stay on task as His witness at the […]

Contact – Day Three

Cyclone Irina is slowly moving away from us west towards Mozambique. It wasn’t a powerful storm, only achieving Category 1 status; however, it dumped so much rain that landslides, falling trees and power outages are still occurring. Today is our third day without power here in Ifanadiana. Several power poles were damaged due to mudslides […]