Last Leg

Anna and the kids arrived safely in Johannesburg, South Africa this evening. They will stay at IMB’s guesthouse there, then fly to Mada tomorrow, arriving in the afternoon. Thanks for your prayers during their travel. Please keep praying. We will rest this weekend and then begin our journey home to the rainforest.

On the Move…

Anna, Judah and Anjara fly to South Africa on Thursday. They will land in Johannesburg on Friday and stay the night at the IMB guest house. Then they fly to Mada on Saturday. Tim drives to Tana on Thursday. He will pick up the new diesel generator purchased with special gift funds given by Summit […]

Mananjary North

Tim drove to the Mananjary [mahn-ahn-zah-ree] River on Friday to spy the land and meet the people. The river is deep and wide and can only be crossed by dug-out canoe. After crossing, Tim hiked about 3km in to a village and met with the elders there. They sat, talked, pondered over Tim’s fishing pole […]

Lost in My Work

Today is an office day. Tomorrow will be one too. Office days feel like spans of my life I will never get back. I must complete the final evaluation for the BGR distribution, two expense reports, write a budget for 2013, and resist the temptation to shuck it all and go fishing on the river. […]

While You Were Out…

While we were away from the rainforest, God continued to work among the believers. Someone believed the gospel and was baptized Easter Sunday. This was a Malagasy baptizing a Malagasy. Then on Sunday Tim worshiped in Ankazotsara. When he arrived he learned that FIVE more had believed the gospel and were ready to be baptized. […]

Open Your Eyes

The following video was FILMED and CREATED by NATHAN on the SW Mada Team. Tim only uploaded it to Vimeo. All credit goes to Nathan for this great video! Open Your Eyes from Tim Norton on Vimeo.