Malagasy Resources Available

Because the Malagasy translation of Tanala Foundations is complete I have uploaded both the English and Malagasy editions to Google Drive. Also available is Pastor Edouard’s English-Malagasy Dictionary. Does any one have a version more recent than Spring 2010? If so, please send me a copy. The Google Drive link for these resources is in […]

CP Tanala Job Now Availible! – Correction

I just received notice that the SECOND CHURCH PLANTER TANALA job is approved and posted to IMB’s list of jobs. There are now TWO WAYS TO SERVE AMONG THE TANALA and join us on mission: 2-3 YEARS through the Journeyman program 2-3 YEARS through the ISC or APPRENTICE/CAREER program    

Shut Down and Out…

Tim planned a trip to AKZ this week to disciple new believers. According to a list he received on Sunday, there are 23 professing believers in and around AKZ. 14 of these believers have been baptized. The group dwindled down to two committed believers by the end of 2011 and now the group has grown […]

…On the Books…

After worship in ABY this morning, the group decided to baptize more new believers next week in AKZ They also decided that the Sunday morning worship should be permanently located in Ankazotsara to meet the need of a disabled man from that village. We reviewed our memorized Scriptures, discussed the baptism of the Holy Spirit […]

Choose Your Poster-boy Carefully

I wanted a break from reading books on church planting, evangelism or religion in general, so I thought a book on atheism would suffice. I’m reading through The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I can’t suggest you read the book just yet because I haven’t finished it; however, I’m leaning towards telling you to skip […]