AKZ: All In

All of us are hiking to AKZ Sunday for worship (Anna and the kids included). It is a three kilometer hike one way. The trails are mostly dry now as the rain season has tapered off. Please Pray: For a dry day on the trail. Rain would make this trip very difficult. For sure footing. […]

Analobahiny Ambony Visit

I went to Mangalhenatra yesterday and learned that Marcelan, our contact there, had not returned from AKZ where he worshiped on Sunday. The second village planned for our trip was Analobahiny Ambony so I traveled their to stay the night. The only connection I have with this village is through a Catholic catechist who lives […]


Tim travels south to the village named “to steal shame” Tuesday until Thursday. Marcelan, a man from this village, came to AKZ two Sundays ago asking us to visit them and bring the same powerful faith that he witnessed in the life of Papan’i Dery. Please Pray: for Tim’s safety in the village. for Anna […]


Tim hikes out to AKZ Saturday for discipleship. He will stop in the village to encourage Papan’ i Derry, an older man who is a believer, then hike out of AKZ and cross the river to Ramano’s house. There are now two locations for worship, AKZ and ABY. Tim will worship in ABY Sunday morning. […]

Old Friends

Newer is better. Something is better than nothing. What you don’t know can’t hurt you…. Can you think of some reasons why those colloquialisms are not essentially true? Newer is better. I called a long-time friend today. I’ve known him for sixteen years. He discipled me when I was in high school. He is still […]

Year Eight

Today we celebrate eight years of marriage. We have a lot to be thankful for in those years. I am most thankful for Anna who is an amazing helpmate and a rock-star mom to our kids!

Prayer Request – Mirana’s Health

Please pray for God to heal Mirana who has a health complication that will require her to end her time here in the forest and return to Antsirabe for better care. Pray that God comforts her through this valley and leads her beside still waters again. Pray for her family to encourage her and support […]

Imported Forms

  We traveled to Antsirabe last week for a seminar on cults and false religions. The teaching was excellent and Pastor Doda’s translation from English into Malagasy is humbling. We learned the general marks of a cult or sect, the history and doctrine of Mormonism and practical ways to share the gospel without arguing with […]

AKZ Worship – July 1, 2012

Sunday worship in AKZ invovled: The believers choosing Psalm 72:18-19 for me to teach with no prior warning. Eating meat that was killed the Monday before (no power, no fridge in AKZ)… Hiking another hour from AKZ to ABY to learn why they want to split the group. Learning that the ABY believers thought it […]