Away For the Holiday

We are getting out of the rainforest for a few days over the holiday. Judah and Anzara are excited about building sand castles on the beach Christmas morning. Anna and I are excited to travel for the first time in a while without it being necessitated by a meeting or related to our work. We […]

Not the Same Gospel

Tim worshiped in AKZ this morning. He has been slowly scaling back his presence there to allow them to hold their own as a local gathering of believers. Inevitably the false teachers have been waiting for this moment. A Catholic catechist visited Papan’ i Dery (PD) recently to urge him to bring his group to […]

We Will be Missionaries-in-Residence at NGU in 2013

  The email arrived today that confirms we will serve as Missionaries-in-Residence at North Greenville University for the fall semester, 2013. We will live near campus where Tim will spend a few hours each week meeting with faculty and students to tell of God’s work among the peoples of Madagascar. We are humbled to be […]

Mark Your Calendar – A Day in June

The tickets are being booked and we will land Stateside in late June, 2013. The plan is to stay until early January, 2014 and return to Madagascar. With the end of 2012 near we have already evaluated our work for the year and have discussed what our priorities will be for the six months we […]