Spinning Plates

We get asked often what a typical day is for us in the forest. There’s not one really. Our work here is lot like spinning plates. I saw a video once of a guy that balanced spinning plates on rods attached to his feet, legs, arms and head. I think he managed to balance 20+ […]

Going Home

Tim’s Church Planting training is finished in South Africa. A lot was covered in the five days of the meeting, most of which is relative to the work among the Tanala of┬áMadagascar.┬áTim flies home to Madagascar tomorrow. We are thankful that he was able to change his flight and come home a day early and […]

Visiting the Sick in AKZ and IFD

  Tim visited on Monday with Ramano and Lolo, believers from AKZ. Lolo is sick and went to the doctor for injections due to a female-related illness. Injections seem to be a favored form of treatment here. They have moved from their hut in AKZ to another in their fields about an hour away. They […]

Care Kits for Mothers

We have wrestled with how to give to others in need that is both culturally appropriate and does not create dependency. We want to give, but not create a long line of beggars at our gate. We also wanted to create a ministry goal for 2013 that focused on evangelism and meeting human needs. Anna, […]