The Week Ahead: February 18, 2013

This week will be a week of firsts. The first recording session for the SD Card Project will happen this week. The first testing of the cards in the village will happen this week. The first group-appointed men will step forward as a leadership candidates in AKZ. The SD Card Project is moving forward in […]

AKZ is Selecting Potential Leaders

  It has been a long week for us here in IFD. Anna and the kids have done every arts & craft, game or activity possible in attempt to stave off “stuck-in-the-house-because-of-rain” madness. The sun came out today so we are basking in the rays and sobering to the reality of nasty humidity. If 100% […]

Making Disciples using SD Cards in Radios

Tim is developing material for a church leadership class this week. The goal is to write the lessons to be used with literate and illiterate believers. It has been challenging to write the lessons in a less-than-technical fashion and in transcript-format so that the lessons can be printed and used in a class for literates […]