Tim’s Foot & Our Travels

It will be three weeks this Tuesday since Tim’s fall in the village. His foot is still swollen, with residual bruising and pain in several areas. We are arrived today in the capital city to get better medical care for his foot before our annual meeting. The Easter holiday is delaying our attempts to get […]

Support the Vias in the 11th Hour

  Take a moment to read about Smooth and Kelly, the adoption and their decision to move to Uganda. http://www.thevias.com/our-adoption/ Please consider supporting them as the days are few before they start a new chapter in their life!    

Baptism and Elders in AKZ

Last Sunday (March 10) Tim stayed home to keep the kids while Anna rested with fever and a sore throat. Even in Tim’s absence the believers in AKZ baptized two more who repented of sin and believed in Jesus to be saved. Papan’i Dery and Ramano baptized the two young men. This week Tim severely […]

Hunting With the Tanala

Akanga [Ah-kahn-gah] is a wild, pheasant bird a little larger than a chicken the Tanala hunt for food in the forest. It tastes like chicken too. On Tuesday a Hands-On team taught True Love Waits to students in AKZ while Tim went with several believers from the church to hunt Akanga. The lesson was well […]

Recording Lesson 3

Tim is in Morafeno today to meet with Rivo and record the third lesson and possibly the fourth. The Malagasy New Testament and the first two lessons have been tested in AKZ. The card works well but a new file naming scheme will help them navigate between the books and lessons. As the group in […]