A Household of Sickness May, 2013

  So we are well, no real emergency. Anna’s hand is infected and she is taking meds. Tim has strept and is on meds yet has cycled fever and chills multiple times for more than 48 hours. Anzara had a fall today and she ok, a minor sprain in her wrist. I (tim) took her […]

The Vezo of Madagascar

  There are two ways to reach the Vezo of Madagascar: Land and Sea. Sometimes their paths are not far apart.   Amazing beauty but difficult access.   Access to the Vezo is affected by the tide and the rain season. We drove a on a clear, dry day not during the rain season. This […]

Teaching Church Discipline

Church discipline may be a foreign term to you. Its not wholly your fault, church leadership has a responsibility to teach the body how to handle situations when professing believers regularly practice private or public sins. Today I am writing a brief lesson for the believers in AKZ so they can understand that believers will […]

May 5 in AKZ

Tim hiked to AKZ Saturday and slept in a tent. Many thanks to the church in Texas for the tent, to Jeremy for the hiking poles and to Adam for the ankle brace. All these things allowed Tim to get to the village (very slowly) and stay the night to be with the believers there. […]