A Baptism in Ankazotsara – Updated

Lao-lao was baptized on Thursday, November 24, 2011 in the river near Ankazotsara. The gospel was preached by the river before her baptism. She told her story about how Jesus changed her life and exclaimed her faith in the gospel. Her testimony is shaking the false foundations laid by others who teach that baptism as a baby saves you or that a confirmation class seals your soul for the day of judgment. She is one of the few in the rainforest who proclaim a new life in Jesus by faith alone, not works and not baptism. She is one of the few who seek truth from the Word alone, not church tradition and not “holy” men.

Praise Him.

3 thoughts on “A Baptism in Ankazotsara – Updated

  1. God is Amazing!!!! Marissa was baptized on the 20th this month. We are now going to their church and love it there. Love mom

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