5 thoughts on “…a cat by its tale

  1. Too cool! Judah is brave! I love the video. Cassie wants to go to the zoo now I’m sure! She won’t understand we can’t touch the lion cubs here. Good to “see” yall! I love you guys! Tiff

  2. Oh awesome! A zoo in the States is going to be so lame for Judah after the cool zoos in Africa! Anna, you look great! Tim, your legs are surprisingly white in this video. Judah looks awesome, and it’s cool to get to see him and hear him in the video.

  3. Hey Anna and Tim! Julia and I enjoyed watching the video. Anna, you look so good. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl. Please know that I think about you all often and I am keeping up with you through your newsletters. I really admire you both for the work that you are doing in Africa. I will continue praying for you and your beautiful family.

    Love you,
    Mary Beth

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