A First Time for Everything

Anjara turned ONE October 22. We had the party the week before and I’m announcing it a week after her birthday. She is so joyful and gift to us. Her current interests include: speed-crawling everywhere, making all kinds of sounds, singing, and even the occasion bug snack off the floor.















3 thoughts on “A First Time for Everything

  1. Great pictures and hard to think she is already 1 year, she certainly has made her way into Malagsy tradition with speed crawling, singing and bug ingestion. Many hugs and best wishes from Papa Mell, alias White headed American tourist to the rain forest who really misses those GREAT pineapples you guys have.

  2. You are so precious, and you look so much like your mommy and daddy now. I hope you had a happy birthday, and more presents to
    come from Gigi and mema. We can’t wait to meet you and hold you. I think you get the picking up things to eat from me; my mommy said I did that sometimes, just more protein that way. Lots of great wishes for the whole family and prayers for all. Love you all! OH By the way please tell mommy to make Christmas wish for me and mema and aunt Tiffy, and let daddy post soon, so we can try to get it there on time.

  3. Oh, how wonderful! Happy Birthday, a little late! Looks like you guys had a fun party!! She looks so much like Judah to me in the last picture, with a little Anna too! Just beautiful!

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