A Household of Sickness May, 2013


So we are well, no real emergency. Anna’s hand is infected and she is taking meds. Tim has strept and is on meds yet has cycled fever and chills multiple times for more than 48 hours.

Anzara had a fall today and she ok, a minor sprain in her wrist. I (tim) took her to the hospital today to get an xray to ensure her forearm or wrist was not fractured. No breaks. Of course I don’t fully trust the competency of the doctors there to notice intricate complications on an xray of the numerous bones in the wrist. I looked at the xray (and remembering my medical training – joking) I don’t think it is broken.

I had just returned from Fianar to find a storage facility for our house goods and bought ice cream for the kids (and me) and put in the cooler. So when Anzara got home from the hospital she ate two big scoops of vanilla ice cream…

there, a happy ending.