A New One

Tim will hike to Ankazotsara today and have lunch with the group who attend the Bible study each week. After lunch Tim will accompany those from the group who have heard God asking them to go to Ambalafasina, a nearby village. News from Ambalafasina tells us that the dahalo [dah-hah-loo], or bandits, are in the mountains near their village. The people there are in great fear of the bandits and are being told by their king to not go to their fields for planting. Pray for those who will hear the gospel today that they be freed from sin by faith and be released from the fear of the bandits and come to know and fear God.

One thought on “A New One

  1. Tim, just prayed for you as you go with your friends to Ambalafasina to tell them about Jesus. I prayed for their hearts and minds to be opened to your teaching and that they would know that what they are hearing is the truth. I prayed that they would know Jesus as their savior and Lord. I prayed that Jesus would go before you and also keep a barrier of protection around you. And I even prayed that the bandits would hear and know Jesus.

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