a place to implode…

We drove about 2.5 hours to Mananjary this past weekend for short get-away. We met a French hotel owner during our travels who told us his hotel is a place to “relax and implode.” At first I passed the phrase off as a failed attempt to translate his French thoughts into English but after thinking about the phrase over the last few days I think I like the translation. Over the last few months we have spread ourselves thin over our work here. Our time in Mananjary truly was a chance to implode, a moment to regroup ourselves and prepare for the work that is here for us in the rainforest.





5 thoughts on “a place to implode…

  1. Awesome pictures! You guys deserve that time out together, and by the looks of these pictures the children look so happy. I love their smiling faces, and to see how happy you all are makes my heart glad. Love to all still can’t wait to get my arms around all of you, for now hugs from the heart. God is with you!

  2. Okay, so I see now that Mananjary is hours away from home. Last question answered. I am SO glad to hear about a little R&R time from you guys!! MUCH needed, and I LOVE that you are having some relax and implode time. The pictures are gorgeous as always. Judah is such a cute little guy!! I love seeing him play! I hope this was a wonderful, wonderful time together as a family!! Love you guys!

  3. That picture of Tim and Anjara is adorable! I love the delight on her face! It makes me miss being at the beach with you guys!!

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