a tafo in Foibe

tafo – [tah-foo] – “roof”

We are hiking to Foibe tomorrow to help put a roof on their new school. Our J-girls asked for help from BGR to purchase the roofing materials. The village built the building and will provide the teacher’s salary. BGR is providing the money for the roofing materials. IMB Ms and a volunteer team from Northpoint Baptist Church will help put on the roof.

While in the village the team will show God’s Story and the Jesus Film. Volunteers from Northpoint will also share their testimonies, host games for the kids, and have opportunities to love and serve the people of Foibe.

Pray for the people of Foibe as they hear the Word being spoken, read, or shown in Film. They will be challenged to make a decision in their heart and mind about the gospel they will hear. Pray they would respond in faith and believe in their heart. Let them hear clearly the question we are asking them, “Not do you have religion, go to church, or do things culturally associated with being a Christian, but do you know Jesus?”