A Week in ABE

This truck blocked the road during our trip to Antsirabe. I can’t figure out what he was doing to slide down the mountain backwards that way. I can say with assurance he will be standing in the unemployment line soon.

With the road blocked to ABE, I put Anna and the kids on a train while I waited for the road to be cleared. No….not really. We passed the truck with little difficulty and made it to ABE in time for the kids to enjoy the rides. Mada’s Independence Day is June 26. This year they celebrate their 52nd year of “independence.” Things are not going well politically for the country, but consider the state of the American nation in 1828, 52 years into independence. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad began construction. The Tariff of Abominations, which favored northern industry and hurt southern economy, was passed. Andrew Jackson was elected president in December of that year. Ok, enough history.

Judah enjoyed the air-filled slides. Over time he began to jump off the top and tumble down…

Anjara didn’t like the air-filled jump house or slide. She really liked the playground at nearby hotel instead.

We are in ABE for a lecture series on cults in Madagascar. We return to the rainforest on Saturday.

Please pray for:

– us to decompress from life in IFD. Immersion within a people radically different than your own requires endurance.
– our travels back to the forest on Saturday.
– the believers in AKZ who are considering dividing the group due to logistics. They need wisdom to know what is true in the situation and what are outside influences unknown to everyone in the group.