Added A New Village – Mangalahenatra

Many thanks to an old friend for the skull, the laughs and for maintaining this site for us… The site is back up and has never looked so good…

In our Norton Update October 2012, I mentioned that we are working with believers from four villages, but only two of those villages are profiled on the site. Today I have added Mangalahenatra (MGH). More info will be added next week after our trip there to encourage and disciple Marcelan, the brother of Papan’ i Dery from AKZ.


5 thoughts on “Added A New Village – Mangalahenatra

  1. your new site looks AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait to get “reacquainted!” Hey, we want one of your prayer cards you mentioned, oh, months ago:) Sorry, I never gave your our address… it’s… [edited out]

  2. Thanks Tasha. Thanks for the encouragement to keep blogging; It was habitual for a while, then things went sideways for a while. We don’t have prayer cards anymore but that is something I should look into before our Stateside Assignment for 2013. I added your address to our contacts and edited it out for you.

  3. The new site looks great, and your photos are stunning as always! I just wish there were even more to look at!!

  4. The web site looks so good and now we cn go back and access all the other timjes you have written here. Thank you so much for continuing the site in such a wonderful way…..encouraging for so many of us. Looking forward to seeing you in June!
    Glad you were safe in the truck…that bull must have had a big surprise too!….In GOD’s Hands!

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