AKZ: All In – Update

We are back from AKZ. The sky was blue and the sun was out making it a hot hike.


Tim was thankful to have a baby carrier we adjusted for Anjara to carry her the 3 Km hike one way.


Once in AKZ we met in Ramano and Lolo’s house for worship. Anjara was the first white baby in AKZ.


Anjara was busy running between houses and chasing chickens.


Judah made a lot of new friends. They taught him how to use a stick with a string to spin a top. The kids make their toys so the entertainment factor is low.



3 thoughts on “AKZ: All In – Update

  1. Thank you for sharing about the people and culture there. I am praying for people to be open to the message and accept the truth. I love seeing the pictures of the kids and how the other children are smiling at them. I also love the picture where Anna and ther lady are smiling at one another. I see God at work in those simple smiles. Anna, God is using you!

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