Tim hikes out to AKZ Saturday for discipleship. He will stop in the village to encourage Papan’ i Derry, an older man who is a believer, then hike out of AKZ and cross the river to Ramano’s house. There are now two locations for worship, AKZ and ABY. Tim will worship in ABY Sunday morning. They will celebrate the Lord’s Supper with rice water and casava tots…

Please pray:

  • for Tim’s health and safety.
  • for the believers to help Tim develop the “What is Church?” discipleship tool.
  • for the AKZ and ABY groups to decide how frequently they will meet together for study.

2 thoughts on “AKZ to ABY

  1. “Casava tots.” BAHAHAHAHA! Praying for those things for you. Oh have such a delightful time. 🙂

  2. It is rare that I respond to a comment, so consider this your first and last warning. Don’t mock the missionary Cara… And no casava tots were had this weekend….long story….tell it in post soon…

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