AKZ Worship – July 1, 2012

Sunday worship in AKZ invovled:

  • The believers choosing Psalm 72:18-19 for me to teach with no prior warning.
  • Eating meat that was killed the Monday before (no power, no fridge in AKZ)…
  • Hiking another hour from AKZ to ABY to learn why they want to split the group.
  • Learning that the ABY believers thought it would be good for a man who has never prayed at the Catholic or Lutheran church to come be their leader.
  • Learning that the man they want to lead them is not a believer from within our group of baptized believer, or even a Christian.
  • Protecting the flock from wolves by studying Acts 14, Acts 20, 1 Tim. 3, and Titus 1.



Please Pray:

  • For Ramano and Papan’ i Dery. They are beginning to transition into a leadership role by their actions to protect the flock with the Word. They do not have the title “leader” or “pastor” but they are beginning to act accordingly.
  • Wisdom. – We really want wisdom in moving forward with the group AKZ. In some of Paul’s missionary journeys the new believers only received a few weeks of teaching before Paul left, passing by later to elect elders. If we use Paul’s trips as a model, we are actually behind his timeline in forming a group, teaching the essentials and appointing elders. We are not in a rush to make the believers look like church externally because they already are the church, the redeemed in Jesus. We do want to be faithful with the 11 months we have left here before we take a six month trip back to the States.
  • Housing – We still have not found an available house for our Stateside Assignment. Pray we find a house by the middle of July.