All the Kings Horses & All the Kings Men

We were appointed Sunday in Lebanon, OH. It was an amazing service! We also attended the March appointment service at Taylors First Baptist in Greenville, SC and it was PACKED. I can only guess that there were about 900-1000 at the March service with standing room only. Sunday’s service was small with only about 350 people there, but something was very different. The worship was INTENSE. The Spirit definitely showed up.

Urban Crest Baptist Church decided to “adopt” this appointee group as their own and really take care of us. They put us up at the Great Wolf Lodge, provided all of our transportation, and fed us amazing meals (especially the catered meal on Sunday!). The Great Wolf Lodge had an INDOOR WATER PARK! Anna and I were like two big kids again going down the slides.

We are packing boxes this week and will load a crate on Monday. We leave for two months of training in VA on Friday, July 24. Definitely pray for us during this time for wisdom, clarity of thought, and safe travels. Pray that we are mindful of Zechariah 4:6“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts.”