Baptist Global Response Training – January 2016

Most of our Ms in Mada attended a Baptist Global Response (BGR) Community Development and Disaster Response Training this past week in Toliara. It was hot all week, reaching the mid 90’s most days.

We also welcomed new teammates to the Southeast Team at the beginning of this month. Welcome Matt and Julie to Madagascar! Here is a picture of part of our team working through a community development project scenario.


Thank you to our leadership to make this much needed training possible. Thank you to those in the Southwest who facilitated things on the ground to make this event a success.

Please pray:

  • for the Southeast Team as we are in cyclone season now that we are still preparing an action plan for disaster response to be well prepared to help those in need.
  • for new team members to adjust well and learn language quickly.
  • for the SE MADA team to have one mind and one heart as we engage lostness.

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