Bear Grylls Eat Your Heart Out…

The weather looked suitable for a short day-hike to AKZ so Tim left out by one yesterday afternoon. What was intended to be a three hour round trip turned into more than Tim expected. He hiked to AKZ and then swam across the river to Ramano’s house to discover that he was working in the field near another village. Lo-lo served river eel and rice. It was a two or three foot long, green river eel she trapped that morning. As lunch was almost finished, Ramano arrived to help finish off the eel. He brought the heavy rains with him. After lunch they caught up on what each one did for the holidays. Coffee was served and they decided that Tim should go before the river swells too high.

When Ramano and Tim approached the falls below their house it was apparently too late; The river had swollen too much for Tim to use his previous crossing because it was too close to the falls. Ramano walks the same path near the falls every day and can probably do it blindfolded. Tim, however, can barely do it during the dry season seeing the rocks below. They walked further up river to avoid the raging current near the falls to a slower moving section. After saying good byes, he jumped in and crossed safely.

The rain was so hard that the foot trails were creeks. Tim made it back to AKZ, said goodbye to a few more people and headed out. He met Papan’ i Dery on the way out who insisted on escorting him to see if the bridge was out. The bridge was half out; one half was under raging current, the other half was sticking out and pulsating up and down under the force of the water. They spent the next half hour hiking up river through brush and crossing feeder creeks that had become surging currents themselves.

They came to a feeder current that Papan’ i Dery did not want to cross. Tim crossed and said goodbye. He discovered a village he had never visited before and found a man willing to take him out through the brush. They hiked up and over several mountain passes, passed through several rice fields that were washed away by the currents and eventually arrived at another trail that Tim new.

After three more crossings through roaring waters, Tim arrived back in Kelilalina where he parked his truck. When Tim came home the kids were still awake ready to see their daddy. Anna made pizza for dinner. Judah and Tim watched Ice Age 2 through dinner. What a day…

5 thoughts on “Bear Grylls Eat Your Heart Out…

  1. Now you can put all that on a different resume, and get a job as a stuntman in movies. You amaze me. Be carefull And a glorious New Year to you all.
    Love mom

  2. Good Papa Mell was not there, he would have sunk, that is if he made it to the river after eating eel… Oh Tim, a new donut shop just opened up in Laurens… I will ck it out for you!!! Mell

  3. WHEW…what an experience with so many miracles!! Glad you met those along the way that would help guide you. Glad you used common sense and glad you made it home to be with family for some relaxation after a long day of interesting erie experiences…..hats off to you, your family and GOD! Di

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