Bump, A Real One

So in reply to the comments from the previous post “Bump” Judah actually had his first real bump Tuesday. He fell from the changing table, so off to the ER we went. Being on the mountain and knowing how long it takes responders to get here, I decided to drive to the hospital myself.
So Tuesday morning consisted of:

  • being a pretend ambulance driver literally driving 100 mph (i burned out the tires like three times leaving stops signs and intersections)
  • discovering that they CLOSED the hospital a few months ago and MOVED it (really?)
  • also discovering that the ER entrance is at the BACK of the hospital (because visitors need a courtyard and fountain to greet them – who cares about the medically needy?)
  • learning that security guards in hospital waiting areas are socially inept when a family is obviously in a moment of crisis (wife crying, child being consoled, husband concerned and security guard sits down next to wife and says, “what a cute little guy, how old is he?” – I’ve decided not to share with you my reply)
  • realizing that you will do anything for your kid…

He was checked out and given the all-clear as we suspected by the smiling and lack of signs of trauma. By the time we saw the doctor Judah was more interested in putting his id badge in his mouth. We will not use the “changing table” again and just keep him on the floor. And its time to lower his crib mattress too. In another month and we will have to put a lid on it…