Care Kits for Mothers

We have wrestled with how to give to others in need that is both culturally appropriate and does not create dependency. We want to give, but not create a long line of beggars at our gate. We also wanted to create a ministry goal for 2013 that focused on evangelism and meeting human needs. Anna, the kids and I have visited the sick at our local hospital several times before so we decided we would visit mothers of newborns at our local hospital and give them a basic care kit.

We spent the morning preparing twelve care kits which include:

– Malagasy Bible
– Rice
– Beans
– Salt
– Oil
– Soap
– Blanket

Judah and Anzara helped put each bag of salt, rice and beans into the larger gift bags. After completing the kits we drove to the hospital and learned that they are still waiting for the first baby to be born in 2013. With no expectant mothers or newly born babies at the hospital, we left one care kit for the first baby born in 2013. We will return on Friday for another visitation.

Please pray:

– us as we balance meeting temporal felt needs while seeking to address the greatest human need, atonement for sin and restoration to God by the death of Jesus Christ.

– for the families we will encounter at the hospital. Pray God is preparing their hearts and minds now for the gospel they will hear. Pray they see past the care kit and see Jesus inviting them into relationship with Him through repentance and faith.